Finding Your Own Academic Productivity for Dissertation Writing

Dissertation writing is often a laborious, taxing task for many students. With classes and personal commitments to attend to, we understand why you may feel uninspired to start your dissertation.

Unfortunately, your indifference toward your dissertation does not warrant an exemption from completing your paper. This paper will guide you in restoring your motivation and share some valuable tips to maximize your writing productivity. 

How to get motivated to write

Many people tend to believe that procrastination is a habit inherent to lazy students. Contrary to this belief, procrastination stems from the lack of motivation or a dread of the task ahead. 

It is crucial to find your motivation on writing a paper to overcome procrastination and ensure academic productivity. Some of the tips on getting motivated to write your dissertation include:

  1. Leave your hostel

You probably think that writing from your hostel is the ideal way to save time and get more work done. Although this thought seems correct, doing so may deter your progress. 

The hostel is rife with distractions and could thus limit your ability to focus on a paper. It is best to find a conducive study space, and refocus your mind on the tasks at hand. 

  1. Gauge the rewards and consequences

Often, we tend to push a task for later, only to suffer a ton of anxiety under the pressure of tight deadlines. Reminding yourself of the consequences of starting later, helps give you the nudge to begin your task early. 

Some of these repercussions may include preparing a sub-par paper, suffering stress to handle the paper in time, and exceeding the deadline. 

  1. Chunk your work and prepare a schedule

The sheer enormity of a dissertation can inspire fear among many students. To manage this, chunk your dissertation writing process into small manageable stages. Also, set deadlines for each stage to create a sense of emergency.

Creating a dissertation writing productivity schedule will allow you to manage your paper in time, without exposing yourself to the pressures of last-minute commitments. You may also employ incremental rewards to gain the much-needed impetus to push through challenging tasks. 

How to finish a dissertation

Getting started with your dissertation is one thing. Gaining the energy to see your project to completion is the challenging part many students struggle with. 

After writing for days or months, you may be indifferent to the thought of writing even a chapter of your dissertation. For this, you should put the following ideas into consideration. 

  1. Save the challenging portions for last

Challenging parts of your paper can be detrimental to your motivation. These portions may also consume tons of time as you try to wrap your head on how to approach them. 

If you are struggling with a chapter in your paper, we recommend that you consult experts for guidance or save it for later. Doing so will ensure that you are on track with your paper and maintain your drive to prepare a quality dissertation. 

  1. Don’t aim for perfection

We understand you intend to get nothing but perfection from your paper. This pressure to be perfect may cause much anxiety, limiting your capacity to write your dissertation. 

We recommend that you prepare and stick to an outline to avoid conflicts midway through your paper. Also, remind yourself that you shall review your paper of errors and thus meet the standards you have set for yourself. 

  1. Take breaks

Caffeine, caffeine, and more caffeine. Often the solution learners employ is to quickly get done with papers. while this may seem like a great way to complete your paper, it is bound to drain your energy. Ideally, take breaks to recharge your focus, therefore, making the most of each session. 

Productivity tools for students

If you are looking for some writing productivity apps, here are some notable options to consider.

  • Evernote

This is a great note-taking app that offers multiple features to allow a smooth experience for your research and writing phase. The app also offers scanning capabilities, allowing you to incorporate various elements in your dissertation. 

  • Bibme

Bibme is an excellent app that will allow you to create citations easily. This will alleviate the stress associated with referencing styles you were not previously acquainted with. 

  • Dropbox

With much of your writing on the go, the capacity to write and store information from multiple devices is a key advantage. Dropbox cloud storage allows you this and also offers multiple features essential for your academic journey.

Final take

We hope the following tips for writing dissertation have helped you regain your impetus. Feel free to consult our experts for tips and guidance on various challenges bits of your paper.